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Many of you have had the unfortunate experience of seeing riced out vehicles cruising the streets in your area. The average person doesn't know much about vehicles, so they view these cars as fast, possibly giving them more praise than what they are worthy of.

Read this, it is for your own good:

It is important to note that we are NOT targeting any race, gender, religion, vehicle, or automaker. We aren't here to argue over what looks cool either. However, we reserve the right to voice our opinion as to what is tasteful and what is not, if you want to argue about this, fine, but don't expect any worthwhile responses from our end. We are here to destroy myths and misconceptions of mods that the riceboys are applying to their vehicles. In efforts to help the misinformed minds, it is imperitive that you read every word and explanation on this site of what is correct and what is incorrect when it comes to modifying a vehicle. Do yourself this favor if you plan on sending flames if your vehicle is being made fun of, or even if your vehicle is similiar to the ones displayed on this site. There is nothing worse than seeing someone who knows nothing about vehicle performance try and argue their position as to why their 4 pot with a cold air intake and 6" exhaust tip can beat a mildly built american V8 on the drag strip.

If you have read everything and still feel the need to send flames our way because we are wrong, stupid, or what have you, feel free. The links are at the bottom of each page to mail us. Mind you, any worthless rantings will be posted on this website for all to see. Do everyone a favor, and especially yourself, think before you write us!


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