Pic Gallery of Shame #4


1.   Riceboy stands proud as he takes a drag from his smoke looking at his double decker wing with pride. So does this thing increase with levels and height with speed?
2.   And here we have a couple shameful vehicles belonging to the Kaotik Car Club.
3.   Wait a sec, neons don't have dual exhaust! This must be aftermarket -- holy sh*t, he knows how to modify his vehicle!!
4.   Mr. & Mrs. Johnson were happy to buy their son, Bobby, a Dodge Neon for his 16th birthday. Bobby had always wanted one of these vehicles and his parents had no problems buying one for him. After all, it is a safe and envrionmental car, a good "first car" for their son. But Bobby had plans to soup it up. He joined the Kaotik Sticker Club, slapped on some offset racing stripes, rice lights, and genuine Dodge Neon racing seatbelt covers. Now little Bobby is feared by everyone on the streets!

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