Pic Gallery of Shame #7


1.   Wow, nice profile shot. This thing obviously has the wannabe fast look going for it. Matching color taillight lenses, huge wing, and to finish the performance look, stock tires and hub caps!
2.   Another angle of this fearsome performance machine.
3.   Green taillights make a car look fast. Attached to the VW emblem are red, blue and purple diagonal stripes. That's an "M-power" emblem. As in "BMW M-power". On a VW. (Thanks Alain--owner of a real M-powered vehicle)
4.   Hard to see, but this actually was a clamped on can.
5.   To accompany the clamp-on-exhaust, the proud owner of this vehicle decided to complete its "look" by adding small flame decals on the driver and passenger side.

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