Chapter 12: Cold air intake


This is another attempt by ricers to fool the common person into thinking they have "under the hood" mods. A "cold air intake" is a very misleading phrase. One would think that cold air is being deposited into the intake. If you don't know already, cold air is more dense than warm air, and the more air that goes into your motor, the more power it makes.

A "cold air intake" is basically a tube that will route the air intake hole to a different spot in an engine compartment away from the heat the motor is making. Common places are to re-route the air intake opening to a fender well, or anywhere a few degrees cooler than right next to the motor. While this does make sense, it is not a mod to be wow'ed by. A different air filter or set of spark plugs and wires will have the same effect -- next to nothing. We don't make fun of people who have them, but we make fun of those who act like it's a major "under the hood" mod when it really isn't. The power gain is very minimal.

1.   Wow, this must be an aftermarket intake! Notice the yellow color to make it stand out so the world can see what a performance enthusiast ricer is with his elaborate engine modifications.
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