Pic Gallery of Shame #1


1.   Wait a sec, which is the shopping cart, and which is the car?? It looks like one could easily push both units because each has a unique pushing handle on the rearend.
2.   This car has a 2.2L motor. Is there any possible reason why the exhaust tip must be so huge? Certainly not performance, but we'll wager that the owner of this fine vehicle thinks it adds at least 30 horse.
3.   This is by far one of the most hilarious things we've seen. We are praying that it doesn't become a fad. 6 exhaust tips!!!! The exhaust shop must have been out of the 6" tips, so riceboy naturally thought that more tips is better for performance. Nothing can beat free flowing exhaust, especially when it has 6 ways to exit the vehicle.
4.   Excuse our ignorance for not recognizing which language these stickers are written in. But still, why not just plaster all over your vehicle, "HEY! I KNOW HOW TO SPEAK JAPANESE, BOW TO ME IN SHAME REGULAR CAR OWNERS."
5.   Not only are ricers polluting the streets, even banner ads are starting to feature ricemobiles. Check this one out.

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