Pic Gallery of Shame #2


1.   This thing looks fast, doesn't it? Pretty wheels and oversized exhaust tips add so much performance. Too bad this gem is for sale.
2.   Is your car a little outdate? Slap on some chrome accents around the doors and wheel wheels to nicely match the chrome wheels and exhaust tip.
3.   Wow. What immaculate styling. We wouldn't be caught dead rolling in something like this.
4.   The world's first supercharged Dodge Neon! When you can't afford the performance of a real car, buy an economy car and slap on a "supercharged" emblem to make you appear fast. You can barely see it, but this supercharged motor must be putting out some serious horsies, good thing the stock exhaust is still being used.
5.   This sticks out like a sore thumb. What better way to show off your EAGLE pride than to plaster it on the side of your car. That way everyone knows you drive a POS.

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