Chapter 2: What it means when a car is "riced out"


When someone says a car is riced out, they are usually basing this observation on the appearance or sound of a vehicle. The chapters display several ways riceboys change their vehicle's appearance, and from this we can apply variations of each of these "mods" to the term "riced out."

Typically, if someone adds stickers to their car, regardless of its actual performance capabilities, it can be called riced out. Granted, you can jokingly say that funny cars and various other high performance dragsters are "riced out." This is obviously not the case, but using sarcasm we can say these cars are riced out when in fact the whole world knows that this is truely not the case. At the same time we realize that this is the image the rice boy tries to obtain. Dragsters often times use stickers to promote the sponsors of the vehicles. Riceboys will promote "HONDA IMPORT RACING TEAM" with stickers plastered every which way just because it creates the image of being fast. Whether or not the stickers are performance related, it's fun to call your buddies riceboys when they have any after market sticker on their vehicle.

Any vehicle with a damaged muffler can sound ricey. The hardcore riceboys have a fart-sounding exhaust, and typically when any "normal" 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder loses its muffler, it sounds like a fart. The person probably does not enjoy this sound but just has not had time to visit the exhaust shop. We call these vehicles riced out, again utilizing sarcasm. We say this because the riceboy does not realize it, but he looks like these normal people with loud fart-sounding exhaust on an economy car. Except in riceboy's mind, this farting noise is the sound of performance.

Often times because rice boys think that fog lights add horsepower when applied in excess numbers to their vehicles, we like to call even factory fog lights "rice lights." Try it with your friends, you too can be cool and drive with your rice lights on during the day!

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