Chapter 3: Big Wings/Spoilers


Here we are going to cover the theory behind big wings/spoilers riceboys like to use. The theory behind the large wing is that at high speeds and quick maneurvering it keeps the rear of the vehicle planted for better handling. However, this theory is only acceptable when the laws of physics are implemented into the design of the wing. Additionally, most riceboys have front wheel drive vehicles. What does this mean? Typically the rearend only breaks loose when it's a rear wheel drive vehicle. Maybe a new fad should start with a spoiler that goes on the hood of a vehicle.

1.   Here is a classic example of when a large spoiler does nothing for performance and instead makes the vehicle look like a shopping cart.
2.   Here is another outrageous wing. However, this one is not as tall as the above, but it has an interesting design nonetheless and no doubt impedes high speed handling ability.
3.   Ah yes, we can't forget the infamous double-decker wing either! Why have just one level when you can double the performance value with an additional wing level!
4.   Here we see riceboy waiting to take off at the light. Fortunately for us we have a backrow view of this wonderful wing!

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