Chapter 4: Outrageous body kits


The more your eye becomes trained to riceboy traits, the more you'll see outrageous body kits on what were normal 2 or 4 door passenger vehicles. To stray from the look of the economy car, riceboy likes to spend several hundred dollars on body kits that add the illusion that the vehicle is lowered and is extremely modified. In some cases body kits are acceptable, but in the below examples you will see that outrageous does not equal stylish.

1.   This body kit looks like it adds performance by transforming the entire front end into a ram air scoop. Notice the windshield sticker that says "Perfection." Emblems are appropriately removed from this vehicle because the owner is ashamed of what it formerly was. Thankfully it is in disguise and looks fast!!!
2.   The same vehicle as above but the rear view of it. Notice the tasteful chicken wire that covers the gaping hole in the ground effects below the rear bumper.
3.   This vehicle looks like it was at one point a Honda Del Sol. Now it looks like an escape pod for a space ship.

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