Chatper 5: Large wheels, rubber band sized tires


Yes, it is true that a tire with a shorter sidewall tends to enable a vehicle to corner more efficiently. However, let's take a look at the following pictures and ask ourselves one question: Does this tire and wheel combo honestly improve performance and cornering characteristics? Riceboys like to go with larger wheels and smaller tires. More often than not the riceboy will lose a little acceleration from a dead stop because the new tire and wheel combo ends up being a larger diameter than the factory setup. This increases top speed because one revolution of the wheel allows the vehicle to travel further. This also effects the power range of the motor.

Going to larger wheels and tires without changing the differential gear ratio affects seat of the pants acceleration if the rest of the engine is left stock. Even ricey mods won't make up for the loss in acceleration. Unless your goal is top speed, the quickness of your vehicle will suffer.

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