Chapter 6: Stickers


A popular riceboy motto is: Stickers add performance. While they may add the look of performance in rare instances, 99.999% of the time they add to the tackiness of the vehicle and proudly display the owner's poor styling taste.

1.   Little honda boy wishes he was fast. To get the performance look, he went to his local speed shop to get a single stripe! That's right, what better than to bring out the exterior features of your vehicle than to add an offset racing stripe? And look, the tassle hanging from his rearview mirror is color coordinated with the vehicle's paint. Look out, we have a designer on our hands!!!
2.   But wait, the offset stripe wasn't enough. This honda boy went the extra mile and spent hard earned money on this large yet important sticker, the Honda "H." Proudly displayed in his rear window, now everybody from 30,000 feet can tell which automaker created this vehicle.
3.   One of our favorites because it combines several rice mods for just one vehicle. But we are focusing on stickers, and here we can see the performance yellow and how it boldly stands out from the rest of the blue colored vehicle. The Bad Boy sticker actually says "Bad Toy", meaning "Bad Toyota." We sure wouldn't want to line up against this performance machine at the strip!
4.   This falls under the "what were you thinking" category. A sticker is one thing, but a two sentence paragraph on your hood? Genius, pure genius. This must be a highly modified vehicle, obviously trailered to car shows around the world, no doubt winning hundreds of trophies with such immaculate styling, this sticker absolutely makes the vehicle what it is! CRAP.
5.   The infamous VTEC sticker. Riceboys think if they have a VTEC sticker on their honda (some riceboys even put VTEC stickers on non-hondas!) that other "regular" hondas will not challenge them to a race. Adding emblems from other vehicles to a non-performance model is such a riceboy tradition. Do any of these riceboys know that a VTEC motor also comes in Honda Minivans? Does any serious automobile manufacturer put their high performance motor in a minivan?!

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