Chapter 7: Single blade windshield wiper


The single blade windshield wiper. Most asian imports and american automobiles come with two windshield wipers. Mercedes has a unique uni-wiper system that extends the wiper to the corners of the windshield which appears to wipe a larger area of the glass than the traditional two wiper setup.

Riceboys do something different. They get rid of the useless dual wiper system and replace it with a uni-wiper system. But it isn't like the Mercedes system! It is a standard wiper, centered in the windshield. The wiper is usually a bright color that makes the blade stick out against the windshield. Any ricer with a uni-blade system also leaves the blade halfway up the windshield just to show off their foreign taste for windshield wiper systems. WHY IS THIS A TRENDY THING TO DO? It is 100% pointless!

1.   Here's a classic example. Notice how the entire vehicle is a darker color but NOT THE WIPER. This has to be cocked up a little bit and completely offset so it really sticks out.

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