Chapter 8: Clear taillight lenses


First there were blackouts. These are tinted light covers that are put over headlights and taillights to give vehicles a different look. While everyone and their grandma has hopped onto this bandwagon "mod", a new trend is plauging the rice scene. Clear taillight lenses. Why? Because it's different and apparently it is cool to be different.

The red lights riceboys replace the standard brake lights with still look white at night. It definitely turns heads, but for the wrong reasons. Clear taillight lenses are for morons. This is yet another pointless mod to attempt to make a vehicle look sleek and fast.

1.   Here is a perfect example:
2.   Yet another.
3.   Wait a sec! This ricer doesn't have clear taillight lenses!!! Imagine how much COOLER he'd be if he had the appropriate clear lenses to top of the beautiful body kit on this performance machine.
4.   Poor riceboy, just trying to be cool and failing miserably. Oh, and notice the Super VTEC sticker. Since when does Honda make these line of "super" motors? That's right, they don't. This is why riceboys are funny, they try to use extra words to make them sound faster.

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