Rice: Explained


The following are a few general questions people ask when they are not familiar with the riceboy terminology.

Riceboy logic:

- 1. Identifying a riceboy
- 2. What it means when a car is "riced out"

Exterior Vehicle Characteristics:
- 3. Big wings/spoilers
- 4. Outrageous body kits
- 5. Large wheels, rubber band sized tires
- 6. Stickers
- 7. Single blade windshield wiper
- 8. Clear taillight lenses
- 9. Large exhaust tip
- 10. Excess fog lights

"Performance" mods:
- 11. Exhaust systems
- 12. Cold air intake
- 13. Lowered suspension

These chapters will familiarize the untrained eye into recognizing and identifying riceboys. Each photo is accompanied by a sarcastic remark to show how pointless some of the "modifications" are to these vehicles. Keep in mind that riceboys can be male, female, from any ethnic background, and can be found in any automobile, not just imports.

We encourage you to browse these chapters to see any new trends that are currently out there. Knowing what the trends are, you yourself can stay away from anything that would be considered "ricey." Several pics in these chapters are again featured in our pic gallery of shame.

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